Working from home? Join the ever-increasing club! With COVID-19 closing many workplaces, thousands of employees are suddenly working from their kitchens and spare rooms. You’ve found a space for your home office set-up, made sure there’s a constant supply of coffee, and even created a fancy background for your Zoom calls. However, there’s another thing you can do to help create the perfect home office, and that’s to add an appealing background scent.

Different smells can help us feel more alert or relaxed, and are even thought to boost our productivity. So, which reed diffusers will create the perfect background aroma for your home office?

Citrus scents

Citrus scents like lemon, lime and orange lift your mood. These zesty scents are naturally invigorating, and have a real wake-me-up feel to them. Perfect for those morning meetings when you want to feel fresh and alert.

Try our Lime Basil Mandarin reed diffuser which also has pops of spicy caraway.


Again, mint is an energising fragrance, which also brings a fresh and clean fragrance to your work space. Peppermint is believed to increase alertness as well as improving the attention span. We’re willing to give it a try – and if nothing else, your office will smell gorgeous!

We’ve combined Wild Mint with green tea leaves for a truly refreshing fragrance blend.


Traditionally, cinnamon is linked to memory (although ironically, we can’t remember where we read that). So, if you have a task that involves juggling and recalling lots of facts, this is the fragrance to go for. We love it for its spicy warmth, and it’s a comforting smell for those hard-to-get-going days.

Our Spiced Orange reed diffuser combines cinnamon with zingy orange for an extra-energising blend.


Jasmine is believed to have mood-lifting properties, and its gently sweet scent certainly creates a welcoming environment. Floral fragrances are always lovely; and if you simply want your home office to smell nice, jasmine, rose and ylang ylang scents are ideal.

We’ve used jasmine in our Peony & Blush Suede fragrance, which is a cheerful, spring-like scent that certainly lifts our spirits.


This is a slightly risky option, as lavender is associated with sleepiness! However, the benefits of feeling relaxed at work outweigh the risks of snoozing at your desk; and lavender is the perfect fragrance for a stress-free environment. It’s also a good one to have in the background if you’re home schooling, in the hopes that it will calm your young students down…

Our lavender reed diffuser contains no other scent, just pure, relaxing lavender.


Pine is an invigorating and uplifting fragrance. Forest-bathing has recently become a popular way to de-stress, and the rich, green scent of the woods is associated with feelings of calm and well-being. We’ve also heard that pine scents can increase alertness, so it’s an excellent Monday morning option.

It’s a fine line between smelling like a forest and smelling like a household cleaner. Our fabulous Evergreen Forest blend tempers the pine tang with white cedar, musk and splashes of hedgerow scents with rounded, refreshing results.


We hope these fragrances have inspired you to give your home office a sensory upgrade! We’ve recommended reed diffusers for an ambient background scent; however if you want to change the mood every day, go for the scented candle option.

If you’d like to know more about any of our scents, please get in touch with us at Dexter & Mason.