We’re suddenly finding ourselves indoors a lot more: how can we keep our homes feeling fresh? At Dexter & Mason, we’ve naturally been thinking about the best ways to keep homes smelling fresh during lockdown, and we’ve come up with some top tips to bring those gorgeous spring aromas indoors.

Let laundry flap in the breeze

We candle and perfume makers are always trying to capture the smell of newly washed laundry on the line (note how many scents there are called “linen”). Give the dryer a break, and get those sheets flapping outdoors as much as possible. The smell of line-dried laundry lasts for a while, gently fragrancing your bedding and clothes.

If you don’t have an outdoor drying space, smaller items drying on an airer set near an open window or on a balcony will still pick up that lovely, refreshing scent. Note from experience: you’ll still need to use pegs…

Open the windows

And speaking of windows… Spring is here, and it’s time to fling them open again. Thankfully, those storms have passed, and we can open our windows without fear of drenching the carpet. Put a comfy chair near the window so you can enjoy that book/cuppa/glass of wine in the fresh air. Create a through-draught if you can, by opening windows at opposite ends of the house (remember door stops!).

If you’re setting up a working-from-home or home schooling station, try moving the desk or table near the window. This instantly creates a pleasant working environment.

Create an uplifting background scent

There are two ways to create a fresh background scent: ambient and targeted. For a lovely aroma that fills good-sized rooms for weeks, try something like a reed diffuser that gradually releases its scent. This is perfect for a soft and subtle background fragrance, and we especially like them in bedrooms and bathrooms. A reed diffuser can simply be set up and left – the perfect, low-maintenance air freshener.

However, you may want to vary your ambient scent, and in which case, try a scented candle. If you’re just home from a shift at work and need to relax, lavender is the go-to choice. If you want to feel refreshed and invigorated, try an ozoney, sea-style scent or a zesty citrus. For a huggably comforting smell, go for a warm, vanilla-based scent. To bring the scents of spring indoors, something floral like bluebells, roses or ylang ylang.

Fill your home with flowers and plants

A bunch of flowers is instantly uplifting for many of us, bringing colour and fresh scents into our homes. Freesia, roses, jasmine and lilac are all especially fragrant, and you might still catch a bunch of heady-scented daffs. Try an online florist, or if you’re feeling patient, plant some summer-flowering bulbs now. Gladioli, lilies and peonies can all be planted in spring for summer blooms.

For a longer-lasting fragrance, go for a potted plant. The best potted plants for scent include indoor jasmine, geranium, and those lovely little citrus trees. Grow herbs in pots on your kitchen windowsill (this can always double as a KS2 science activity), which also gives you the benefit of regular fresh green stuff. Provided it’s in a sunny spot, you can also grow lavender indoors. Check out your local nursery for deliveries.

What’s cooking?

Anyone else finding that food is becoming a real focus? The smell of a mouthwatering meal on the go is simply one of the loveliest fragrances! Aromatic stir fries create an uplifting aroma in the kitchen, while baking always smells wonderfully comforting (try something involving cinnamon or ginger for a spicy scent hit). A pot of coffee is another great way to use food as a fragrance.

We’ve found that the timing of cooking has become important: save your more pungent dishes for your evening meal or suppertime, so the smell doesn’t linger all day. Tuck into those hot dogs and onions, then open the window and light your mint candle!

At Dexter & Mason, we’re still crafting and shipping our candles and diffusers, although postage times may take a bit longer. If you’d like to chat about scents or share any home fragrance tips, please get in touch. Stay safe, and enjoy the Great Indoors.