We all have our favourite festive fragrances, like mulled wine, pine trees or even sage & onion stuffing. But come Boxing Day, it can be nice to have a bit of a change from those heady, Christmassy scents, and give your rooms a refresh with something a bit different.

Here are a few ideas for appealing Boxing Day fragrances. For a change, we’ve linked to the reed diffusers rather than the scented candles, as they create a background aroma that gently permeates through your home.

A zingy take on festive

If you want to keep the festive scents going, but fancy something fresher, Spiced Orange is perfect. It combines the classic Christmas blend of spices with a zingy citrus hit. The warm fruit smell reaches you first, followed by little spicy pops from the cinnamon, cloves and nutmeg. If you want to keep with the traditional blend, try our Christmas Spice reed diffuser, which has similar notes but gives centre stage to those classic spices.

Cutting through the cooking smells

Lingering smells of sprouts and gravy? As ever, our favourite post-roast scent is the uplifting Wild Mint. Dispel those last Christmas dinner aromas with the clean and light smell of mint and white tea. Staying with a citrussy scent, try our Lime Basil Mandarin diffuser, which combines lively top notes with spicy cardamom on a sweet patchouli base: perfect for neutralising rich cooking smells.

Bring the outdoors in

We all love those invigorating Boxing Day walks, especially the original Dexter and Mason, who adore a run on the beach. Hold onto those smells at home with our Rock Salt & Driftwood reed diffuser or candle, which carries those energising ozone scents and is as invigorating as a walk along the sea shore. We also love the woodland scent of Evergreen Forest, with fresh fir, white cedar and musk.

And relax…

Exhausted, sleepy or frankly, hungover after Christmas Day? It’s time to bring out the lavender, nature’s best-loved, all-round healer. Like Wild Mint, lavender refreshes any stale cooking smells, as well as creating a wonderfully relaxing ambience. If you like floral but fancy a change from lavender, Cardamom & Mimosa looks forward to spring with its bright and rejuvenating blend of fruits and flowers.

Just go with it

Or, embrace the drowsy and decadent feel of the 26th of December with our whisky scented reed diffuser (or go for the scented candle, for that extra smoky edge). The spirited fragrance has an evocative, peaty mellowness, with a background of old leather and oak. Cuban Tobacco & Oak has the same indulgent vibe, with an extra hit of cognac for an after-hours edge. Enjoy with a splash of the real thing.


We hope this has given you a few ideas to freshen up your festive home. If you’d like to find out more about any of our fragrances, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. From all of us at Dexter & Mason, may we wish you and your family a Happy Christmas and all good wishes for 2021.