With their winning combination of evocative scents and a romantic, gentle glow, scented candles make perfect Valentine’s Day gifts. Some fragrances are better-suited to romance than others, with naturally sensual and appealing qualities. Which candles should we be lighting on February 14th?

Say it with flowers

Flowers have long been associated with romance and are one of the most popular Valentine’s gifts. Capture their scent in a longer-lasting form, such as a floral scented candle or a reed diffuser. Most of us will immediately think of roses; however, don’t neglect other blooms. Orchids, lilies and jasmine have beautifully sweet and subtle scents that will infuse your room with romantic fragrances.

For an elegant floral blend that’s reminiscent of a mixed bouquet, try our White Patchouli & Clove candle. It combines patchouli with jasmine and lily on a rich vanilla base (more about this surprising scent in a minute). We’ve also added vertivert, a wonderfully soothing ingredient.

Evoke happy memories

Smell is closely linked to memory, so a scented candle or reed diffuser will transport you back to happy times. What’s the most romantic time you’ve spent with your partner? Was it a relaxing holiday abroad or a romantic weekend away? It could be walks through the forest or across the beach, or sharing food and drink together. Fragrances that remind you of those times are a perfect, more personal Valentine’s gift.

As these smells are unique to you, it’s trickier to recommend a specific candle. It could be that heady, exotic blooms remind you of Mediterranean evenings, and woodier scents take you back to romantic walks. However, as many of us head for the coast for our annual holiday or sneaky week away, the Rock Salt & Driftwood Candle is a good place to start.

Sensual fragrances

Some of our scents simply feel more grown-up than others, and we have some gorgeously sensual fragrances. Fuller, muskier scents will create a romantic atmosphere, especially if they’re lightened with delicate floral notes. Musk is a popular perfume ingredient that was originally obtained from a gland found in the musk deer, which produces a secretion that attract mates. These days, musk is a synthetic compound but, arguably, has the same function.

Our favourite sensual fragrance has got to be Amber Noir, which combines rich florals with those musky scents, and turns up the heat with some spices.

A sprinkle of vanilla

We may associate it with baking and ice cream; however vanilla has been used for centuries as an aphrodisiac. It has a richly sweet scent that both sexes find appealing, evoking feelings of warmth and comfort as well as sensuality. It’s also a great scent to cut through other aromas, so is the perfect candle to neutralise any culinary aromas after your dinner-a-deux.

Pure vanilla can seem a bit overpowering, so try it in a blended fragrance. We’ve used vanilla as the base fragrance for our Black Pomegranate candle, overlaid with fruit and floral scents.


Our scented candle blends are also available in our new reed diffuser collection if you prefer to create an ambient mood. We hope you like our suggestions for romantic scents, and have a lovely (and fragrant!) Valentine’s Day.