Scented candles are the perfect way to create different moods in separate parts of your home. But which fragrance best suits certain spaces? We’ll go on a tour around a house, and make room-by-room suggestions from our scented candle collection.

The Sitting Room

Cardamom & Mimosa has a subtle brightness which is ideal for a summery sitting room, or light a White Patchouli & Clove candle if you’d like to create a relaxing atmosphere (it’s a great one for movie night, or for curling up with a book). For a cosier feel, especially if you have an open fire or log burner, the spicy woodiness of Orchid Noir will complement the smokiness.

The Kitchen

The kitchen isn’t the natural home of a scented candle; however, an uplifting type of fragrance can neutralise cooking scents. Clear up after supper to a background fragrance of Wild Mint. This gently zingy scent can cut through even lingering onion smells. You can leave the lid off the candle during the day, and its “scent throw” (meaning the fragrance it gives off when not lit) will give a subtle, clean-smelling background fragrance.

The Dining Room

When you’re eating, you don’t want to confuse your senses by overlaying those mouth-watering food smells with floral scents. Stick with unscented candles during the meal, then light something refreshing afterwards or the next morning, maybe Wild Mint again, or Blackberry & Bay. If you’re entertaining, light a Whisky scented candle after dinner, which complements the coffee, brandy and conversation course.

The Hallway

If you want to create a welcoming ambience in your hallway, try a warm fragrance like Spiced Orange. Of course, unless you live in a stately home, few of us have a hallway you can hang out in – so remember not to leave those candles unattended when you’ve all moved on.

The Conservatory

You need something light and floral for this sunshiny room, and Peony & Blush Suede smells like a distilled spring day. If you’re lucky enough to have a proper, old-style garden room, what could be better than the vintage vibes of the ever-loved English Rose?

The Bedrooms

Nothing is as good as lavender if you want to create a calm and relaxing ambience. Our lavender candle is made from pure lavender oil and soy wax, giving you a clean and simple fragrance. If you want to create a romantic mood, Orchid Noir is definitely a grown-up scent…

We don’t recommend lit candles in kids’ bedrooms. However, leave an unlit lavender candle in their rooms with the lid off. The relaxing smell should waft around the room, creating lovely, sleepy-making vibes. We hope.

If you’re getting a little-used spare bedroom ready for guests, Bluebell Wood is beautifully refreshing and will help dispel any stale smells.

The Bathroom

Again, lavender is a lovely and fresh choice for the bathroom, especially if it’s an en-suite, as the fragrance will drift into the bedroom too. Rock Salt & Driftwood is a lovely accompaniment to an uplifting shower (and let’s be honest, its freshness cuts through any unwanted smells…). If you have time for a more pampering bath, light an Amber Noir candle and sink back into the bubbles.

The Home Office

It’s thought that scents can be used for boosting your brainpower and improving productivity. Fragrances for the workplace include citrus and mint for invigorating and clarifying the mind, or lavender and jasmine for soothing properties. Go for something light but energising, like the zesty Lime Basil Mandarin candle, or bring that lavender candle in from the bedroom if you need to channel some calming vibes.

The Garden, Patio Or Balcony

Outside, we love a touch of Black Pomegranate on the patio table with its luscious floral tones; and again, that ever-so-useful lavender can help to keep unwanted bugs at bay.  Autumn or winter barbecue or al fresco party? Spiced Orange will complement the mugs of mulled wine.


We hope this has given you some useful pointers about home fragrance. If you’d like to know more about Dexter & Mason and the scents we use, please get in touch with us – we always love chatting about candles!