It’s almost Mother’s Day, and it’s time to celebrate the wonderful women in our lives. Mums, Grans, Aunties and all sorts of mother-figures are thanked on Mother’s Day with cards and gifts – so it’s time for partners and kids to get shopping…

This year, we’ve made it easy for you. Here are 5 reasons why your Mum or Grandma will love to receive a scented candle for Mother’s Day.

Scented candles are a relaxing treat

There are two very appealing words here for Mums with young families: relaxing, and treat! There’s nothing like an unwinding bath with a scented candle, a book, maybe even a glass of something chilled… Try nature’s favourite relaxing fragrance with a gorgeous lavender candle, or go for something opulent with our Black Pomegranate scent. There’s a scented candle to suit every Mum.

A note to partners or older children who are thinking of buying Mum a relaxing scented candle: make sure she gets time to use it! Every candle should come with an IOU for a couple of hours “me time” for mum.

Dexter & Mason candles are made from natural ingredients

We wrote just last month about the wonders of natural soy wax, a biodegradable and clean-burning alternative to paraffin wax. Into this we add fine quality oils, chosen for their heavenly scents and natural uplifting and relaxing qualities. Choose from soothing scents or energising aromas, depending on what Mum’s favourite fragrances are.

If you’re buying a scented candle as a gift for a Mum-to-be, soy wax is a much better alternative to paraffin. As for the fragrances, here’s a guide to which essential oils are best during pregnancy.

They last longer than flowers (and chocolates)

Flowers are a lovely gift, but as we all know, they don’t last for long. Our candles have a burn time of approximately 40 hours; so even if Mum lights it for a couple of hours every evening, that’s still a longer-lasting gift than most bouquets.

Because we use quality oils to scent our candles, they have a good “scent throw”, which is the candle-maker’s way of saying their fragrance fills the room even when they’re not lit. When the forty hours is finally up, the empty jars make great posy vases, pen or trinket holders or mini plant pots. Or, simply pop the jar in a drawer to give your laundry a lovely fresh scent.

And well, as we all know, chocolates definitely don’t hang around!

The whole family will enjoy them

That lovely, far-reaching scent will give your home a gorgeous ambience, which everyone will appreciate. Use your scented candle to create a gently fragranced zone, safe from the aromas of football boots, wet pets and lingering cooking smells. Unlike a personal gift (such as bath products or clothing), everyone can enjoy the new scented candle.

If anyone in your family has hayfever, a flower-scented candle is a great way of introducing a natural floral scent to your home without them having to suffer. Our natural soy wax, cotton wicks and oil fragrances are non-toxic for children and pets (just pop them up out of reach of busy hands and wagging tails).

They’re beautifully packaged – and easy to wrap!

Our elegant indigo and copper packaging means that your present will arrive looking perfect. Plus, as we all know, a box is a super-easy shape to wrap; even if your little one insists on wrapping Mummy’s present themselves, it will all go smoothly! (See the picture above for a really cute wrapping suggestion.)

There’s still time to order your Mother’s Day scented candle. Please make sure you place your order by Wednesday 27th March to make sure Mum’s special gift arrives in time! Postage and packing are free.


Featured image by Actina.