As Valentine’s Day approaches, our thoughts naturally turn to romance – and what could be more seductive than the soft, flickering glow of scented candles? Along with wine, roses and Barry White, candle light has become one of the essential ingredients of a romantic night in.

But what makes these little flames so good at kindling the fires of amour? We take a closer look at the romantic allure of candle light…

It’s all in the eyes

Heard of the phrase “bedroom eyes”? When a person finds someone attractive, their pupils dilate, which the other person finds attractive in turn. It’s a subconscious signal of, well, fancying each other. Dim lighting such as candle light also causes pupils to dilate, replicating those all-important signals. While this may sound rather more biological than romantic, you can see how candles have become firmly linked with feelings of love and attraction.

Low light is relaxing

Humans are sensitive to changes in light levels, with lower levels suggesting that it’s nearly bedtime. So, we naturally start to wind down in dimmer light, which can lead to us feeling more relaxed. It’s much easier to slip into a romantic mood when you’re not feeling tense or hurried. Just try not to doze off too early if you have a date night planned…

Creating an intimate space

The light cast by a candle doesn’t travel far. When you share a candlelit space with someone, you’re creating your own, intimate little world within that pool of light. This is why a candlelit dinner has become the ultimate in romantic nights out: the soft glow creates the illusion of a private space. Restaurants use this trick to perfection, creating a series of separate little zones. Dim the lights on Valentine’s Day, and light a candle to shut out the unromantic trappings of everyday life (like the laundry basket near the bed, or the scruffy dog blanket by the hearth).

A bit of confidence

Let’s be honest: there are few of us who like being under the glare of high lux levels! The gentle glow given off by candle light is flattering and reassuring, and we all feel a bit more confident when we’re not under a spotlight.

Add a little spice…

We’re also super-sensitive to certain smells, and you can make the candle light even more seductive by adding scent to the candle. Our Amber Noir candle is a decidedly grown-up fragrance, or try White Patchouli & Clove with its spicy floral notes. For pure romance, the blend of rich fruits and rose in our Black Pomegranate candle is a clear favourite. If you’re planning a candlelit dinner, keep the scented candles for later, so you don’t get a clash of scents.

Of course, a scented candle also makes a wonderful Valentine’s Day gift, and makes a change from chocolates and roses. There’s still time to order one of our luscious scented candles before February 14th.

Have a look at our Signature Collection of gorgeous scented candles, and see which one will appeal to your loved one’s senses this Valentine’s Day.